Virtues of Surah Fatihah

Virtues of Surah Fatihah

According to the Islamic teachings and hadith of the Holy Prophet PBUH, it has been said that Surah Fatihah holds the utmost significance in the Islamic religion and in the lives of the believers in the shape of the Muslims. As the matter of the fact, Quran has been the last holy and Islamic book of the Almighty Allah whose every single word plays the vital role in the religious and spiritual part of one’s life that is also considered to be priceless for the Muslims who may belong to the different parts of the world. All the verses and Surah of the holy Quran are to be considered as the authentic and truth based that cannot be doubted or questioned.

As the believer and Muslim, we believe that Quran has some Surahs or verses which were revealed on the Holy Prophet PBUH for some of the spiritual and special reasons; amongst them is the Surah al-fatiha. It is the surah which highly repeated in the Holy Quran. As the matter of the fact, it has been said and believed that the non-recitation of this Surah in the Salah makes our prayer invalid and unacceptable. The reason behind is its high level of virtues and honor places in the Holy Quran by the Almighty Allah.

Virtues of Surah Fatihah

This blog aims to help you know about the greatness and virtues of the Surah Fatihah that offers the great deal of benefits for the believers. First, it is the greatest sunhat of the holy Quran which holds the immense level of place and importance in the lives of the Muslims who recite it whenever they offer prayer to seek the pleasure of the Almighty Allah. As the matter of the fact, it is said that this surah is considered to be the Mother of the Quran which does not have any surah equal in importance. It can be said that this surah plays the vital role in the prayer of the Muslims as without it, the prayer cannot be accepted by the Allah as per the prescriptions and teachings of the Quran and hadith suggest. According to the hadith of the Holy Prophet PBUH, it is said that this surah has the potential to cure the diseases that may face by the individual or the person in his life.

Not only this, it is the surah which is considered to be the cure to the heart. It helps you safeguards from the satanic temptations that may capture your thoughts and leave you committing the sin in the end. This surah enables you to protect yourself and your heart from the bad and immoral activities and corrupt practices. It is the surah which throws lights that was sent from the heaven. According to the holy Prophet, it is the Surah Fatihah that brings rejoice to your life from the heaven.

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