Total Expenses for Umrah from Pakistan

cheapest flights of Umrah

The total expenses for Umrah from Pakistan would be discussed in this blog. You would certainly come across two types of expenses while going to the country named Saudi Arabia for the purpose of Umrah in the shape of the before departure and the after departure. If we talk about the pre departure umrah expenses, you would have to pay the following expenses that are mandatory to be able to go for the Umrah.

cheapest flights of Umrah

Pre departure expenses:

As the matter of the fact, passport is something that you must have in order to move to any part of the world. The passport expense would be around Rs. 3000 if you are going for the normal passport that would take 2 to 3 weeks. On the other hand, if you want to have the urgent passport, then it would cost you around Rs. 5000 that would be given to you within a week.

Biometric fee:

Once you get done with the passport related work, all you have to do is to visiting the Etimad’s website along with visiting their nearest office in an attempt to get the biometric. It has been mentioned that the biometric fee would cost you around Rs. 1001. With the getting of the passport and biometric, you would be required to visit the nearby travel agency that would help you with the registration and documentation process. After choosing the desired package, you would then need to give them the documents in the shape of the passport, CNIC, Biometric, 3 passport sized pictures, and along with the fees of the visa processing that would cost 8500-13000 rupees.
Once you get done with these things, you would have to consider the expenses of the Hotel booking and the air ticket. The hotel expenses vary from the city of Makkah to Medina as to which you would choose and how closer it is from the Ka’abah or the important sites. On the other hand, the flights driven expense also plays the vital role in the total expenditure needed for the umrah. You would have to choose between the indirect flights and the direct flights.

Post Departure expenses:
Once you reach to the holy country named Saudi Arabia, you would need to pay for the following expenses:
Mobile SIM:
This way, you would be able to be connected with the near and dear ones living in the country named Pakistan.


It is the basic necessity that you must pay to live the life but interestingly, it won’t cost you much when it comes to the country named Saudi Arabia.


You would certainly love to explore the city of the holy Prophet PBUH by visiting his Masjid. It won’t cost you much if you travel the different parts of the city named Makkah and Medina.


It is the subject that entirely lies within your reach or control. Its unto you how you manage it and how much do you want to allocate towards this thing.

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