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Hajj – Journey of a lifetime

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As the matter of the fact, the hajj-journey of a lifetime is the topic of this blog that would be entirely focusing on the hajj and the pilgrimage. It has been mentioned and prescribed by the religion of…

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Preparation For Umrah

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The preparation for Umrah is what we all need to take into prior to the departure for the country named Saudi Arabia with the aim of performing Umrah. As you see the time gets closer for the Umrah,…

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Total Expenses for Umrah from Pakistan

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The total expenses for Umrah from Pakistan would be discussed in this blog. You would certainly come across two types of expenses while going to the country named Saudi Arabia for the purpose of Umrah in the shape…

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We deliver the happiness of the Holy World

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True happiness comes in many forms. It differs for all individuals but peace and tranquility associated with religious rituals or traditions is experienced by all. We offer you a chance to experience upmost spiritual elevation and soaring of…

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Benefits of Umrah

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There are many benefits of the Umrah which is the pilgrimage observed and performed by the Muslims Believers who pour into the country named Saudi Arabia from the different parts of the world. According to the Islamic teachings,…

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Hajj and Umrah for Disabled Pilgrims

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Hajj and Umrah is one of the religious obligations in Islam, which requires too much physical activity and financial power. According to the prescriptions of the Holy Quran, it is obligated on those Muslim individuals who are capable…

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