Preparation For Umrah

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The preparation for Umrah is what we all need to take into prior to the departure for the country named Saudi Arabia with the aim of performing Umrah. As you see the time gets closer for the Umrah, you would have to know about the things that are prerequisite for the Umrah. Before everything else, you would need to make the pure intention and the pure heart about the performing of the Umrah if you really want to seek the pleasure of Allah. The Umrah is the minor pilgrimage that must purely be performed for the sake of Allah by sacrificing the time and the worldly materials in the shape of the wealth. Not only this, we need to perform all the rites and rituals according to the prescribed manner by the Holy Prophet PBUH.

Umrah consists of the four major things:

Ihram has the literal meaning that says making the intention of beginning the rites of the Umrah. Prior to the wearing of the Ihram, you would have to change the previous clothes along with having the ghusl which is the prerequisite. As the matter of the fact, the act of Ghusl is the act done by the Holy Prophet PBUH that must be performed by both men and women. Once you get done with the act of ghusl and the wearing of the perfume, you can now put on the clothes of the Ihram.

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Once you enter into the area where Ka’bah is, you have to move towards the Black stone for the purpose of touching it that would mark the beginning of the Tawaaf. You would have to touch it followed by the kiss that you have to do on your hand. In case you are unable to go close to the stone, then facing it by saying the Allahu Akbar would be fine. In this particular case, you are not required to kiss your hand.

With the completion of the tawaaf, you would then have to move towards the place in the name of the Mas’a where Saa’i takes place. After reciting the prayer prescribed in the holy books, you would need to climb to the al-safa to the level where you would be able to grab the sight of the Kaabah. As and when you see the kabah facing your face, you would be required to raise the hand followed by making the prayer of your choice or desired wish that you may have in your life and want it to be accepted by the Allah almighty.

Shaving of the head or the cutting of hair:
Once you are done with the 7th rounds of the Saa’i, the male pilgrim would need to get his head shaved or cutting of the hairs. It depends on the male pilgrims as to what he would choose between the two. This marks the end of the umrah.

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