Important Steps and Procedures of Umrah


Umrah means to make the visit but in its pure Islamic terms, it means to pay the visit towards the holy place of Ka’bah, to perform the holy act of Tawaaf around the Allah’s home and the most importantly, walking around the mountains in the shape of the Safa and the Marwah for the consecutive 7 times. The one who performs the umrah needs to adopt the attire of Ihraam along with having to get head shaved. As the matter of the fact, the umrah is the holy Islamic visit that one can perform together with the holy obligation of hajj and in other months of the year as well. One can perform it in time period of the year with no prescriptions and obligations on the part of the holy Quran and Sunna. There are 4 pillars of umrah which are needed to be performed for the completion of the umrah. One and foremost is the Ihraam which means to wear the white piece of cloth once reached to the Meeqaat. Secondly, the act of tawaaf which is to walk and move around the house of Allah in the shape of the Mecca is to be performed on the part of the pilgrim. Thirdly, the sa’y which means to walk around the safa and Marwah Mountains seven times is also an important Islamic obligation. Last but not the least, Tahal-lul which is to get yourself out from the wearing of the Ihraam. An important steps nad procedures of umrah are listed below in the blog.


How to perform ‘Umrah:
At the spot of the meeqaat, the pilgrims need to get themselves ready with the help of the bath to eliminate filth in the body. Even if you are unable to take the bath at meeqaat for whatsoever reasons, then it is considered to be okay as far as Islamic teachings are concerned.
Men would have to change their respective clothing by wearing the Ihraam. On the other hand, women would only have to make the intention about the wearing of the ihram in the cloths in which they are already in as there is an absence of particular cloth for the female segment of pilgrimage. All they need to do is to take the niqaab that makes it view their face along with the help of the gloves.
Once you reach the spot of the ka’bah, you have to quit praying the Talbiyyah followed by the taking of the close steps towards the black stone so that the pilgrimage can kiss it. In case, you are not able to kiss the black stone, facing towards the black stone and pointing towards would be fine too. once, you come close to the kabah, keep reciting the Allahu Akbar which means Allah is the greatest. You have to do this as the tawaaf.

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