Hajj And Umrah Safety Tips

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The most important religious acts of worship for Muslims for which they have to go on a journey are Hajj and Umrah. For performing them both Muslims from all around the world travel to the holy city of Makkah. Both of these journeys are pretty long and take time to perform; Hajj takes more time than Umrah. You need to be very careful about a lot of things while performing them. Firstly, because you are going to another country which is not your native country you need to be careful. Secondly, you should be careful because the place is always crowded with nearly everyone unknown to you.
If you catch a disease
In order to avoid being infected by a certain disease as you are going to a foreign country, there are chances that you catch any disease. For avoiding this you need to receive vaccination for certain disease as recommended by the physician.

There is a chance that you can fall sick either because of having common illnesses or because you are already having a particular illness that you know. For dealing such sort of situation you need to get yourself prepared before you start your journey. Pack the necessary medicines with you and also the prescription of the doctor along with them. Do not forget that some drugs or medicines containing alcohol are prohibited to enter in the airport so do not carry them.

If something gets stolen
There are lot pick-pockets you would find there. You need to be careful and fully aware of your surroundings. In order to avoid any such case keep a small bag with you and put all your necessary items with you. Do not forget to keep the bag on the front side.

If you get lost
You can get lost or forget your way because of the fact that the place is very crowded and vast. In order to avoid such a situation, you need to wear an ID card around your neck. By doing this you can be identified. Along with it, you must write some information about you and wear it too for identification. Moreover, you need to remember the way to your place of accommodation.

If you need to make a contact
You should keep in contact with your family so that in case of an emergency situation they are able to help or find you. You have to keep a mobile phone with you in order to inform your acquaintances if you are caught in trouble.

If you need to spend money
In case you have to spend money, which you will surely have to, you must carry cash in a quantity by which you do not run out of cash. Firstly, you have to get the currency exchanged because you are having the currency of your own country. You should take a good amount with you because there is a possibility that after exchange there will remain a tiny amount because of the difference in money value. Keep all this in mind and stay safe.

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