Difference between Hajj and Umrah

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The difference between hajj and Umrah is what we would be discussing in this blog. As the matter of the fact, the Umrah and the major pilgrimage of Hajj are known to be the importance religious or spiritual obligations for the Muslims Believers. One can witness the pouring of the Muslims from the world over into the city named Makkah for the purpose of performing the holy acts of the Umrah or Hajj. Hajj has been obligatory on the Muslims who are physically, financially or mentally sound at least once in the life. On the other hand, Umrah is not mandatory that is filled with the huge range of rewards. The rituals of both the religious duties may appear to be same but there is wide range of differences between the two.

According to the Reward:
Umrah has been known to be the minor pilgrimage and Hajj being the major one. Owing to this reason, the reward of the Hajj would certainly be the greater than that of Umrah. But owing to the reason of Inflation, many people tend to choose Umrah as it is comparatively cheaper than the Hajj which is very expensive and may take your major chunk of income. The reward of hajj may be greater but the performance of umrah is also no less if you are performing it with pure intention.

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According to Rituals:
The Umrah or the Hajj has the similar rituals or acts that needs be performed. The rituals in the shape of the ihram wearing, tawaf, drinking zamzam water along with the shaving of the head are part of the major pilgrimage of hajj. The extra rituals you have to do during hajj would be the stoning the Satan, time at Mina along with the slaughtering of the Animal.

According to performance:
As the matter of the fact, the major pilgrimage of hajj has to be performed in the holy month of the Zil Hajj. On the other hand, the Umrah is to be performed in any time period of the year other than the days of the hajj.

According to types:
As the matter of the fact, the umrah has two types in the shape of the Umrah tul Tamattu along with the Umrah tul Mufradah. On the other hand, hajj has three types in the shape of the Tamattu, Ifraad and the most significantly, Qiran. Qiran is when performing the hajj or the Umrah using the same Ihram. Along with this, Ifraad is the hajj by itself. In the last, the Tamattu would be the hajj that takes place in the month of Zil hajj.

According to Sovereignty:
One of the fundamental differences in the hajj or the umrah has been the fact that the hajj is the pillar of the religion of Islam whereas the umrah is not the pillar of Islam. Without the faith in the hajj, the faith cannot be completed on the part of the Believer.

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