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True happiness comes in many forms. It differs for all individuals but peace and tranquility associated with religious rituals or traditions is experienced by all. We offer you a chance to experience upmost spiritual elevation and soaring of the spirits by visiting Holy Kaaba-the most Holiest of places on Planet Earth- Having the capacity to performing Umrah or Hajj is an exhilarating and magical experience.
Umrah was one of Prophet (PBUH)’s most anticipated and lovable actions. Similarly thousands and millions visit yearly Makkah (Saudi Arabia) to perform Umrah in order to experience the same inner peace, happiness and cleansing of the soul that Umrah yielded for Prophet (SAW). Umrah requires complete focus, attention and sincerity. The rewarding joy it returns is limitless and nourishing, that soothes the whole inner and outer self.
Umrah means being a guest in Makkah. The host shall be Allah Almighty Himself. Imagine what kind of a guest the Creator will be or can be. We are just one of His creations, so imagining or even thinking what the entire stay would be like, is impossible. But, yes, recounts by people who have had the honor being His guests explain the whole visit as something out of this world! They claim that the joy and inner satisfaction they felt within the streets of Makkah, inside the mosques or near Khana Kaaba is unexplainable. It is so beau-tic and mystifying that one cannot retell it only feel it and glow in its sunshine.
Any prayer prayed during Umrah Hajj has been reported to always been granted. The Creator has never returned back any of His discipline empty heart or empty hand. So this is another reason why people flock in great numbers to perform Umrah. It has spiritual as well as worldly benefits. Allah has openly stated that anyone who performs Umrah and its rituals in purest of hearts and seeks forgiveness, his all sins would be pardoned by the ALMIGHTY.
Although Umrah is not obligatory yet its merit is very high. Allah has said that one who leaves his home for doing Hajj or Umrah and while doing that or in the way he dies, he will not be questioned for his actions on the day of Judgement instead will be asked to directly enter Jannat. Performing Umrah in the month of Ramadan is even more rewardious. Its merit is equal to as if one performed a Hajj alongside Holy Prophet (SAW).

Cheap Flights To Jeddah

There are numerous Umrah and hajj packages all around the Muslim countries and states. Keep looking and browsing. Some time when Allah has ordained obviously, you get across a real suitable package that you can avail to perform the minor Hajj and seek Allah favor and forgiveness.
Umrah is just like Hajj with following four compulsory rituals: Wearing up of Ihram, Doing the Tawaaf, the Sayee and the Qasar. Doing all these steps with devotion is of utmost requirement with humbles and a feeling of pleasing Allah. If a person succeeds in pleasing His creator, then Allah bestows the person with manifold. May Allah blesses every Muslim with the capability to perform Umrah- Ameen.

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