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As the matter of the fact, Umrah is the significant Islamic obligations that every Muslims performs for the purpose of seeking the pleasure of Allah. Umrah is to be performed with the help of the four components in the shape of adopting Ihraam, moving around the Sacred House (called as the Tawaaf), Saaii surrounding the place and mountains of the Safa and Al-Marwah, and the most significantly, shaving of the head. Umrah is believed to be the sacred act of worship done for the Almighty Allah, who is the creator of this world, the entire planet and universe and the most significantly, mankind. The millions of the believers of Island belonging to the diverse parts of the world tend to go towards the Saudi Arabia in an attempt to perform Umrah. They do so with the help of the Umrah packages that is widely available in the different countries that offer pilgrims an opportunity to save the large sum of money without compromising and sacrificing anything. As millions of people of Pakistan visit Saudi Arabia every year for the performing of the Umrah, same is the case with the year of 2018. As the matter of the fact, there is no any particular prescribed time period needed to perform the Umrah, so there is huge variety of umrah packages available irrespective of any particular or specific time. In an attempt to avail the best Umrah Packages, you can choose the best package for you and your families that can help you have the best performing of the Umrah along with the best facilities of accommodation and food. The booking open for umrah packages 2018 would certainly help you to design the umrah package the way you want it to be that can suit your preferences and choices. All you need to do to take your budget into account along with the facilities you want to have accompanied by your family and near and dear ones.


There are three types of umrah packages catering the needs of the every segment of society in the shape of the Executive, Economy and the designing of the person-fit package. The first one is for the business and rich people who wants to avail the best traveling experience and attractive accommodations and foods items. The accommodation may include the 5 star hotels and the air conditioned car needed to travel. On the other hand, you can avail the economy one which is comparatively cheaper and affordable with the low level of facilities and accommodation. The last one is when you help the travel agency to design the umrah package for you as per your preferences and choices. This is the umrah package which ensures that your convenience is taken into account in the highly effective manner.

Documents required for Umrah Visa:

  1. Passport with 8 months validity minimum.
  2. The CNIC that must be original
  3. 4 photographs that must be of blue background.
  4. Documents needed by the Saudi Embassy

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