Actions Equal To The Reward Of Hajj

Hajj is an obligation for every Muslim. Islam is an easy religion and it has many flexibilities for its followers. There are people who cannot afford to go to Hajj or it is not possible for all the Muslims to go to Macca at the same time. For these Muslims, Islam has also shown flexibility and Islam has made it easy for them to get a reward equal to performing the hajj. All of the following deeds hold the high position and it is not easy to perform them as well, which is the reason they are equal to Hajj in their profit.

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Wudhu at home and Namaz with jamat:
Wudhu is a way of purifying yourself before offering a prayer. You have to perform wudhu 5 times a day before every prayer. Usually, people when going to the mosque they perform wudhu in the mosque and then offer prayer. But Our Prophet (PBUH) has told us that if you do wudhu at home and then go to masjid then it is same as you are in Ahram and going for Hajj. So the reward of doing
wudhu at home is equal to Hajj. Sometimes people offer prayer at home or at their workplace rather than going to a mosque. Going to a mosque for offering namaz with Jamat holds high value then praying alone. The reward of offering prayer in congregation is also equal to the hajj.

Fulfill the needs of others:
There are needy people in every society. Who are unable to fulfill the demands of this life and deserve to be taken care of by society. Some Muslims who can afford hajj, after performing the obligatory hajj they go for the voluntary hajj again and again. Instead of that if they help these needy people who are in need of their help, they can get the same return as one gets after performing Hajj.

Umrah in the Ramadan:
Ramadan is the holy month of blessing. A reward of every good deed which is being performed in Ramadan increases. Umrah also has great reward itself. If a Muslim performs Umrah in the month of Ramadan then the return of this Umrah becomes equal to the performing hajj. So the Muslims who cannot afford hajj, they can also perform Umrah in Ramadan and get profit equal to Hajj.

Zikar after offering the Fajar:
Offering all prayers is obligatory for every Muslim. Fajar is the prayer which is being performed in the early morning. Hazrat Muhammad(PBUP) has said that whoever offers the prayer of fajar with jammat and then he remains busy in praising Allah till the sun rises and after that performs 2 rakats of Namaz then he will have the return of Hajj and Umrah, complete, complete and complete. (AL-Tirmidhi).So if a Muslims perform Fajar prayer and then remembers Allah then he can also earn the same return as Hajj.

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